The barefoot investor: the Book that can change your life

Years ago Scott Pape wrote this book as a money guide for everyone who wants to have there financials in order. With every step you follow in this book you will be closer to your financially independent lifestyle. Now we hear about the FIRE methode, passive income and all of that. This book is before that. Which step do you have to take so you can start to save for all the things you like.

When I was reading it the first time, I was going trough a difficult time financially. I was lucky because I didn’t have any dept. I did not own anybody money so that was nice but maybe that’s another case for you.So starting with dept is the point to begin.

When you follow the steps in the barefoot investor is will become better. But it will not be better overnight. You have tot take 1 step at a time.

You will learn to look at your income, to lower your dept, what is good dept and what is bad dept, what is a moyo account and why do you need it. How do you start with investing. What is important with that. Why do you need insurance. Al of these questions are solved after you finish the barefoot investor.

Look for the book and start reading it, it will change your life for the good!




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